Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Not A Mother - I'm Aunt Alice

I had the most amazing Mother’s Day yesterday.

Since my mom passed away in 2001, Mother’s Day, for me, has been just another Sunday. I try to make sure I let all my close mom-friends know how much I love and appreciate them, and generally make sure to call my Aunt, but I have certainly never felt the need to be made to feel special or appreciated on that day.  I don't expect breakfast in bed, flowers or presents.

I’m not a mother, after all.

I’m just a single girl, with a dog and a cat and a smathering of AMAZING young women (all 16 and under) who call me Aunt Alice. Each of those beautiful ladies puts a HUGE smile on my face every time I see them or hear from them. I’ve gone from playing Barbie pet shop to talking about boys (“Aunt Alice, is it wrong to flirt?” HOW do I answer THAT one??) I’ve laughed with them, cried for them, crawled the mall with them, travelled to another country with them (well 2 of them) and most importantly have had the incredible blessing of watching each of them as they grow into Godly women.

Yesterday morning, as I got ready for church, I got the sweetest text messages. All of them basically said, “Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt Alice. I LOVE YOU!!” After I responded a few times, I got one back that said, “I’m so glad God put you in my life, Aunt Alice.”

That one made me cry. Wash-my-face-reapply-my-makeup tears.

I felt more love, more appreciation yesterday for just being me than I ever have. It was breakfast in bed, flowers and presents all wrapped in one text messge.

I had the best Mother’s Day EVER!