Monday, August 17, 2015

Wait for it...

I used a blog a lot. Mainly my blogs were all about things that God was teaching me through His Word, life lessons, humorous antidotes, that sort of thing. Then I got into a slump, not because God wasn’t teaching me anything or I wasn’t learning tough things in humorous ways, just that I didn't feel like writing. As time passed it just seemed too overwhelming to start again. None of this is particularly valid, but at the time it was real. But I enjoy blogging – I really do. I don’t think what I have to say is particularly insightful or funny or any of any value - but I enjoy it.

And so I'm back. I'm not going to hold myself to writing about any one topic and not even writing every day.  One day it may be about something God is teaching me, three days later it could be about a furniture project I'm working on, and a week after that a new recipe I tried (I'm sure I'll throw in the occasional reference on hot I think Adam Levine is & periodically bore folks with how amazing my sweet pups are).

Deliciously ambiguous – that’s what it’s all about for me.  Some may see my life (and my blog) as boring:  I don’t have that perfect husband/boyfriend, drive a fancy car or live in a huge (and most days spotlessly clean) house.  Others (and you  know who you are) may see it as exciting:  missions trips to places like Belize, Peru, Haiti, my own home that I can try (and fail at) as many Pinterest projects as I want and 100% control of all 6 remote controls (yes 6).  You can decide for yourself – the interpretation is up to you.  But for me it’s just life as I live it and share it whenever I feel like it. 

Until the next inspiration hits me….

PS – Adam Levine is hot, just saying.


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