Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello Mediocrity

"Lukewarm people do whatever is necessary to keep themselves from feeling too guilty.  They want to do the bare minimum, to be "good enough" without it requiring too much of them."
Crazy Love, pg. 76

K, so I've been absent for a wee bit.  Not just from boring y'all with my meaningless words, but from everything... 




I haven't traded out any of those things for really BAD things... like those real serious sins... you know what I'm talking about.  Rather I seem have to become complacent with doing "whatever is necessary to keep (myself) from feeling too guilty."  Yup, that's me.  Avoid anything that might make me uncomfortable.  Hide from folks. Ignore God.


BUT I totally justify all of it by talking to friends on Facebook (NOT a life!!), doing the online worship thing with Northland (and though I LOVE Joel & Vernon and others, it's NOT the same as actually going to church) and reading a Proverb, tossing up a prayer or 2, pretending I'm having a quiet time (that's not a relationship with God - that's reacting out of obligation).

Who, exactly, do I think I'm fooling?  Probably none of my friends. Certainly not God.  Barely myself.

The guilt just bubbles under the surface.  I quickly push it aside and replace it with a pat on the back for whatever lame act I've just completed.  I get by.  I'm honoring no one with my walk - least of all God.  What happened to the girl who wanted to live a radical life for the one Who saved her life? 

I gave up.  WAY too easily.  I got frustrated, mad, and impatient.  Things weren't working out the way I wanted.  They weren't happening in the time frame that I wanted.   Buh bye radicalism.  Hello mediocrity!

Huh - maybe it is one of those serious sins.  God wants me to be hot or cold.  Not lukewarm.  Not tepid.  Revelation 3:15 from The Message says it best:

"I know you inside and out and find little to my liking.  You are not cold, you are not hot - far better to be either cold or hot!  You're stale.  You're stagnant.  You make me want to vomit."

Nice, eh?

The solution is simple. The choice is obvious.

Trust God.  Trust His timing.

Live for God.  Stop focusing on I and focus on HIM.

Be radical.  Live life.  Honor Him.

Be hot.


  1. I hear you. After blogging for over 3 months I got to the point where I was embarrased that I spent more time on the computer than I did in prayer or Bible Study. Starting the Online Bible Study has forced me to be accountable to myself,(and to God) Come by for a visit if you haven't yet. I have a link to this blog. Good to read this post.

  2. Love it....and I know the feeling all too well! Thanks for the reminder.