Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Me -

Have you heard of the website  Obviously sometime back in May I learned of it for the first time.  How it works is simple - you set up an account and on a future date you can send yourself (or anyone for that matter) an email about absolutely anything. I believe that future date can be anytime in the future.  Days, weeks, months from now.

Kinda cool.

And today, kinda creepy.

Back on May 11 I sent myself an email as a reminder of something that happened 2 years ago.  Something that if things were different would make today an AMAZING day.  Actually, because things aren't different it still makes today an AMAZING day.

Because of some other CRAZY things that are happening today, actually at the moment I received the email from me, this email became that much more poignant. 

God loves me too much to let me be miserable. 

God loves me too much to let me have what I want.

God loves me too much to let me get my way - regardless of how much I beg.

God love me.


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