Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back When I Was Sports Editor

Maybe I was in high school and maybe I knew absolutely NOTHING about sports when I started, but for two FUN years, I got to go to every WHS football, basketball and… well… that was it. I think I avoided all other Wilkinsburg High School sporting events. I’m fairly certain we had a baseball team and a wrestling team. Oh yeah and there was a golf and tennis team, too… I think. Where is my Yearbook?

But this brief foray into the wild world of sports bred in me a love for all things team sports related. And, being from Pittsburgh, this means that I bleed black and gold. Particularly when it comes to the Steelers, but during the off season, I’ll root for the Penguins and even the Pirates. We don’t have a pro basketball team, so my allegiance goes to college ball – Kentucky… don’t ask why. (As for soccer – well that’s been a more recent passion (10 years or so) and my loyalty is TOTALLY for the JV United, because, again, Pittsburgh doesn’t have a pro soccer team.)

Naturally, the fact that 2009 is turning out to be a mighty fine year for us Pittsburghers, is… well… WONDERFUL.

After the second Steelers pre-season game I declared that we were going all the way and winning the Super Bowl. The guys in my office, laughed at me. Who’s laughing now, boys?

After the 1st Stanley Cup playoff game, I thought, yeah, we’re taking this one too.

Now it's the Bucs turn (Bucs is what we Pittsburghers lovingly call the Pirates – and that a whole other story). I confess, however, I don’t have those same feelings. Mainly because my love for baseball faded during the strike many years ago and mainly because I think the Pirates are under WAY too much pressure right now.

Think about. How would you feel if you played for the Pittsburgh Pirates? Can you imagine the pressure? It’s not bad enough that it’s been 20 years since your team has played in the World Series, but the other 2 major sporting teams in your city have reached the pinnacle of their sport and you’re ranked 22 with a 30 and 33 record and you’re closer to the bottom than the top. No pressure dudes. Just play ball.

However, I would like to go on record as saying that I TOTALLY believe that the JV United of Jacinto Village, Toledo District, Belize, CA are going to win the 2009 TIDE Freshwater Cup this Sunday. This is HUGE! Not only for the guys I know who are involved with this team, but for all of Jacinto and Punta Gorda.

I’m just glad that none of those guys are from Pittsburgh and that most likely I’m the only Pittsburgher rooting for them. Again, the pressure.

But as for the dear Buccos – you can do it guys! You wear black & gold just like any other professional athlete in Pittsburgh and you can make your city proud!! Ignore the nail-biting end of the Super Bowl and tense moments of the Stanley Cup. Win the Pennant Race in your own unique style and way.

Let’s Go Bucs!!

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