Tuesday, July 7, 2009

23 Days!!

I can’t believe I’m typing that again! Didn’t I just get back from Belize? Didn’t I just cancel one trip to Belize? Didn’t I tell Greg 2 months ago that I wouldn’t be going back down to Belize this year?

Oh how God is LAUGHING at me!

But here I go – planning, counting down and yes, putting stuff aside to pack. I’m a bit OCD-ish when it comes to packing. My “2009 Belize 2” packing list has been modified, edited and studied. Shopping, thankfully, is just about complete (with the exception of a travel coffee press and some Storyville, a jar of peanut butter and some Pepsi). Oh my packing issues could be a blog in and of themselves!

Tickets aren’t bought yet, but I think that’s just a formality. I think… sure… Nah – I’m not worried… much…

We’re doing things a tad bit differently this time. Generally you go, work like a dog doing the project (whatever it may be) then go debrief someplace before re-entry. This time, we’re doing the debrief on the front end and we’ll work right up to the day we leave. I’m cool with that. It’s been a tough year personally, and I could use the chill time.

Pray for all of us, if you don’t mind. Greg & Jamie, as always, will be running WIDE OPEN until we leave. Financially this trip will be a stretch for all of us. BUT God is gracious and continues to abundantly provide for each of us.

Pray, also, for the guys down there. They are right in the middle of Summer Camp. It’s hot (duh – it’s the jungle and it’s Central America – what else would it be?) and they’re still dealing with earthquake issues (no more earthquakes, but buildings that are totally repaired yet).

More later!

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