Monday, July 6, 2009

Here I Go Again!

Yup – I’m going back to Belize. CRAZY!! Just as soon as I think God has closed (ok, sometimes SLAMMED) a door, He opens it right back up in His way and in His time. Most folks are going to get the following via email, but some of you may not. For that reason, I’m posting my support letter here. If you are interested, or if you would like more information, PLEASE let me know.

Thank you!!!

Dear Friends,

Well here I go again!! I am hoping you all know (or at least those of you who got the first onslaught of emails or letters) that my June trip to Punta Gorda, Belize, had to be postponed due to financial concerns with R U Red E (they are FINE – the trip was going to put a HUGE strain on the ministry). However, God has paved away AGAIN for me to be able to go down and minister in Belize. And after much prayer and LOTS of talks, I’ve decided that I should go.


I’ve been asked to accompany my SWEET friends Greg & Jamie Stuckey and their daughters back down to Punta Gorda, Belize. While we are down there we will be doing multiple projects. Greg and several other guys will be teaching college-level classes to the guys who live and work at Machaca Outreach Center as part of their Machaca Ministry Training program. During these classes, Jamie, the girls and I will be doing just about everything and anything at the camp that needs cleaned, repaired (minor), and re-organized after a summer of camps and outreach programs. And because we are handling these tasks, it will free up the guys to take part in this important class. We will also be looking into the possibility of getting a team down there SOON to take care of Miss Shirley’s roof (one of the original projects from the June trip).

So again, I find myself coming to you, humbly, asking for your prayers, and if possible, your financial support. My need for this trip has changed from the June trip. I am only required to raise $1500 to pay for airfare, food, lodging, and to help supply the guys with the textbooks and supplies. Through God’s grace I was able to raise a good portion of what is needed for this trip when I was raising funds for the June trip. Nearly all of that is able to be transferred to The Church At Sandhurst, the sponsoring church for the trip.

For me, the hardest part of any trip is this whole area of fund raising. But God continues to show me again through this process that He is in control. Your participation in ANY manner will be BEYOND appreciated.

Because of the timing of all of this, I’m obviously doing this in a rather unorthodox way. At this point, Sandhurst does not have the ability to accept donations online. If you would like to donate, PLEASE allow me to send you a stamped self-addressed envelope. Email me, Tweet me or just call and I’ll let you know where to mail it to if you’re just itching to do it now. And don’t forget, your donation is completely tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for it from Sandhurst.

In advance let me say thank you, thank you and a million times THANK YOU!! I am trying to keep a blog of this whole process, so check it out or follow me on Twitter. I’ll make every effort to update the site daily on our progress while down there.

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