Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm A Leavin' On A Jet Plane

Morning folks!! In just about 90 minutes I'll start my first leg on down to Belize. WOOT!! This is my fifth (!!!!) time down there and my... oh shine.... 12th or 13th mission trip. I can promise you, when I left on my first trip to the Dominican Republic I had no idea that I'd be sitting at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport one day talking about my 12th trip.

WAY back when, I honestly thought God was leading me on that trip because He was going to break my heart regarding missions and quite possibly send me to Pago Pago to witness to the Pago pagans. I was willing to go wherever He wanted me (just PLEASE God, not to a HOT place) and do whatever He wanted. That first trip was with a HUGE group of high school students with Youth For Christ and we had been re-routed to the DR because of a coup going on in Haiti. I had never worked with high school student, but figured I had been one not long before that so how hard could it be, right?

Each morning while in the DR, I would pray, “God PLEASE break my heart regarding missions. PLEASE show me where you want me. Use me God.” Each day I would spend hours with the kids on our trip, laughing, hanging out and serving God. The next day I'd start the process all over again.

The result of that trip wasn't a clear sign to move to Bora Bora (I was into double-named places obviously) but a heart for high school kids and a love for short-term missions. And I have been blessed over the past many years to have been allowed to serve God in a variety of different places and a variety of different ways.

By far the hardest trip was to Iasi, Romania and the few hours I was able to spend in a baby orphanage loving on and helping dozens of babies who didn't know what human touch felt like but after a few minutes of being held cuddled in your arms and screamed like heck when you put them down. I bawled my eyes out for days knowing what was going to happen to so many of them and feeling powerless.

Prior to leaving for Africa I was told that once Africa got into your blood, nothing would ever replace it. That is beyond true, because although I have been to many places since then, there is a special and large place in my heart for Africa. If given the chance, I would go back in a heartbeat.

But the place that God keeps taking me back to is Belize. I love Belize. I have been fortunate enough to have made some wonderful friends there and enjoy being able to go back there as often as I can. I see a serious need down there and hungry, HUNGRY souls. Belizeans have heard the Gospel, many times and in many ways. But so many of these people are so lost and so desperate for something, ANYTHING in their lives to make a difference.

Whatever my role is in all of this, I have no clue, but I'm going to enjoy this opportunity and do my best to serve Him on this trip

Pray for all of us and pray that I would honor Him in all I do and all I say. And pray, that if it is His will, that my heart would be broken for Him.

Love you guys and I'll try to write more soon.

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