Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Say What??

Ok, if I were to ever play the lottery and if I won, I would buy an airline. Someone explain to me how/why at 7:00 AM I can purchase one ticket to/from Belize for $576 then a mere 2 minutes later go to purchase more and SAY WHAT? There are no more seats available at that price. But I do have the opportunity to purchase seats on that same flight for a mere $155 more.


So there I was... going to Belize… all by my lonesome.


Here’s what I don’t get… I paid $576 for seat 16a. I could now buy seat 16B for $731 (16a is a window seat, 16b is the center). Ummm…. How is my seat worth less than someone who would be sitting in the middle getting all scrunched and stuff?

It’s all very confusing to me, actually.

And, if there are seats available, why not sell them all at the same price? Cause ya better believe your ripe patootie that if I find someone on my flight who paid less than me and booked about the same time as me, I’m gonna… well I’m gonna… ok, I’ll probably do nothing, but by golly I’ll have me an attitude!!

AND OH pity the soul who is sitting next to me if any of our flights are even slightly empty!!

The good news is that I am no longer going to Belize by myself. My friends, Greg, Jamie and the girls are flying out of Raleigh and we’re hooking up in Miami. Their tickets were slightly more than mine (amazing what 3 hours can do!) but at least we all now have tickets. The unfortunate part is that the cost of our trip has risen slightly (our tickets, overall, were a tad bit higher than anticipated). But God is good!!

Now if only we had a place to stay…

Oh and now my countdown has changed (we’re leaving a day early).

20 DAYS!!!

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