Monday, August 24, 2009

I Got Nothing

I’m having one of those days… those “I can’t focus on squat… oh lookie a birdie” day. I’m choosing to blame it on listening to 80’s music all morning long. Though not my preferred choice of music, it’s certainly better than 70’s music. So trying to figure out what to chat about this morning with y’all has been difficult. I’ve run the gamut of everything from sharing about a good friend (who doesn’t live in this country*) about what I think God may be doing in my life and their sweet encouragement to talking about Walter, an older gentleman who rides the bike at my gym every day and watches home videos on his portable DVD player and the tears I saw in his eyes on Friday (Walter isn’t his name, but I’ve managed to make-up an entire life story about him in my mind).


I got nothing… nada… zippo… zilch.

Wait… nope nothing.

It’s it wonderful that God doesn’t struggle with not being able to focus? He can focus on the war in Afghanistan, the prayers of my friend Jeanette who has cancer, and me – and basically my life is good! I am so very, VERY glad that I serve a God who is all-knowing, all-present and all-powerful. Because this chick has managed to get up from her desk 3 times now to go look for a fax. Thus far I’ve gotten a glass of water (trip 1 – didn’t look for a fax), grabbed some envelopes (trip 2 – still haven’t looked for the fax, oh and I didn’t need the envelopes) and stood in the back room trying to remember what I was there for (trip 3 – nope, didn’t look and ended up grabbing a few more envelopes).

There ya go folks – it’s a blog about nothing ‘cause I got nothing. Have a great day and if you need any envelopes let me know. Huh – what should I have for lunch?

(*I mentioned this only because at this point this is the only person who knows anything about anything. And since they don’t live here, I figured I’m safe.)

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  1. Even when you have 'nothing' you still manage to write way better than I ever could.