Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh The OCDness Of It All

I have reached the ULTIMATE in OCD-ness. I should walk around with my head bowed in shame after what I’m about to tell you. Ya ready??

(Ok, not yet) It appears I am potentially, POTENTIALLY, going on a trip next February, actually 6 months from today. It was a simple as Greg saying, “And you should come, too.” And me saying, “Duh – SURE!” Nothing’s in stone (though I think a “Duh-sure” does commit me), and though it’s highly likely that I will go, it’s not definite. Oh sigh I can’t believe about to say this…

Tuesday afternoon, I started my packing list COMPLETE with my “Items to get” list. I can sit here and give you all sorts of really good (or at least what sounds really good to me) reasons for why I started my list, like:

  • I'm REALLY excited!!

  • What if the things I need go on sale and I forget then have to run around at the last minute and get them and probably end up spending way too much money on them???

  • What if my life is absolutely flippin’ INSANE in the weeks leading up to my trip and I’m unable to make my list and I end up going with nothing but the clothes on my back!

So if you read my blog a few days ago, you know that it is TOUGH being me.

And some days are tougher than others.

In the meantime, I need a mini-Maglight, some packets of travel Kleenex and some socks… I gotta hit Target!!

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  1. Those all three make perfect sense! Though, I am the type that is always broke-as-a-joke and never care about finding things on sale haha. So being really excited, and over-worrying sound like very good reasons to go ahead and compile a list!