Saturday, August 29, 2009

It All Began With...

four little words.  These four words have changed my weekend. They're not very exciting or impressive words, but, words that have made an impact in my life.

"Oh by the way..."

Now whatever follows those words can be good, "Oh by the way, I found this check made out to you for $10,000" or bad, "Oh by the way, your cat died."  These words could save your life, "Oh by the way, there's a large semi barreling down you" or change your life, "Oh by the way, I love you, will you marry me?"  (FYI - if I'm proposed to with a line that starts with, "Oh by the way" I'll say YES but I won't be happy!)

But what followed "Oh by the way..." when my roommate said that to me the other evening, was certainly the absolute LAST thing I figured anyone would EVER say to me.  And while it was really neither good nor bad, it certainly has changed how I thought I'd spend my weekend.

"Oh by the way, I've been exposed to Norwegian scabies."

Scabies... and not just any scabies... NORWEGIAN scabies.  Tiny little body mites that burrow under your skin with an accent.  And not just a few, like with normal scabies, THOUSANDS of the little uninvited buggers.

Itching yet?  Yeah, me too.

So my idyllic weekend at the beach became an isolated at home weekend and hoping for the best.  There was this initial overreaction by the place that discovered the pests, but now everyone has calmed down and we're all just wondering going, "huh..."  Turns out chances of my roomie getting them are 1 in a million and mine are like 1 in a trillion.

Maybe I can figure out a way to arrange my furniture today!!

I so wish, however, that I was at the beach with sand fleas, the ever present chance of bed bugs and a million mosquitos.

Itching NOW??

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