Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Days!!

So I work in an office with two guys. I LOVE IT! I pretty much don’t let them get away with squat. And the good thing is they pretty much don’t let me get away with squat, either. We share in all the mundane chores of working here (though I realize I do expect one of them to walk the trash to the dumpster… huh…).

ANYHOW, we drink coffee. They drink FAR more than I do, but I do have my fair share (2 cups). The first one in the office in the morning makes the first pot. After we get our first cup of the day the race is to see who can get their second cup. Now our 12-cup pot gets us just slightly more than 5 cups (higher math is so beyond me at this point). There is never EVER enough for 6 cups and none of us EVER wants to make another pot. Sometimes there’s barely a drop in the pot, but whoever took the last cup (cup 5) OBVIOUSLY thought it was enough for the next person (cup 6).

Now I admit I’m incredibly selfish when it comes to me getting the last cup of the 1st pot, because I know that I’ll make an entirely new pot, have one cup and then they will drink the rest of it and possibly make a third. I’ve even been known to not have 2 cups of coffee that day OR (yeah, this is TERRIBLE) walk down the street to the coffee shop and buy a cup there instead of taking the last cup and being faced with the dilemma of making a new pot.

Why is that? Why can’t I just serve the guys I work with and make the 2nd pot? I’ll give up my time and my vacation to go to another country, deal with LARGE bugs, ICE COLD showers, meals of rice and beans (I HATE RICE & BEANS) and all sorts of other stuff, but I won’t take 3 minutes (yes, I timed it) and make a 2nd pot of coffee? SERIOUSLY?!!

I’m committing to making that 2nd pot – whether I’m going to drink from it or not. Y’all keep me accountable to it, ok? (Making the 2nd pot today is what started me on this train. One of the guys said, “Hey Wassam must want something – she made another pot of coffee.” Ouch!)

Pray for plans and preparations. Everett and John are in charge of all of this. Pray that they will communicate with each other well and that all the details will get worked out (such as, exactly WHERE are we staying??).

Pray for Margaret as she home schools their children.

Pray for me that I won’t be so dang selfish and will make that 2nd pot of coffee!!

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