Tuesday, January 27, 2009

27 Days!

      "Dear God, can You help me? I haven't been asking for Your help when I need it and I know You are just waiting to help me. I'm sorry for not asking sooner. Please help me take my medicine and get through the day. I know You will. Amen."

So I’m blog hopping again and landed on the blog for Lanny Donohoe (Lanny’s sister-in-law and I were close friends when I first moved to Orlando). He had heard about and read the story of a 9-year-old little girl in Florida (Gracyn) who was recently diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. I went to her Caring Bridge website, read her story and am beyond impressed with her naked faith.

Here’s another excerpt from her site from the same day:

      Yesterday, I asked Gracyn to pray. I tried to explain to her, the Lord is waiting for His precious one to call upon Him, to cry out to Him and believe what she's asked for in prayer will be answered. For some reason, Gray has been a bit reluctant to do this. She's not one to ask for help typically.

Here is a little girl, going through something that no child should EVER go through and yet she is reluctant to ask God for help. If she’s anything like me, it’s because she doesn’t want to burden Him or feels her prayers are silly.

Please know I am in NO WAY not even HINTING that my struggles are even 1/100th as intense and BIG as hers. Honestly, after reading about her I feel silly even asking for prayer for ANYTHING. But then I re-read what she said, “…You are just waiting to help me.”

God just wants me to talk to Him! He wants me to cry out to Him! He just wants ME! I’m just, flat out, being selfish by NOT doing what He so clearly wants me to!

Pray for my brother. Physically he’s doing as well as can be expected (they’ve postponed the defibrillator implant AGAIN and are starting him on dialysis this week) but mentally he’s kinda down.

Pray for John and Everett. Pray that John (& Margaret) would have good, quality time with their kids before they go. Pray that Everett would be able to spend some sweet time with his son.

Pray for me that I would be faithful to pray.

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