Sunday, January 11, 2009

39 Days And Counting!

This is it! My first attempt at blogging (well serious attempt anyhow). Most people don't even know about this trip yet, but if you're reading this because you just got my email, know that I'm praying for you even now. And if during this trek you have something specific you'd like me to pray for, PLEASE let me know.

So I promised you some more details on the February trip and the June outreach. Connecting John Gunden with Everett Foster was totally, and completely God-ordained. I've known Everett for years, actually met him my 1st trip down to Belize back in 1997. I met John years before that at a Youth For Christ conference.

I’ve heard Everett share his heart about the need in his country and his desire to see God do great and mighty things there many times. There are and have been some wonderful, WONDERFUL missionaries down there who poured their lives into the youth of Belize. But now most missions’ organizations and many churches believe that Belize has been reached for the Gospel. And this is true – to a point. But many young people, teenagers to young adults, STILL have not heard or have not responded to the gospel.

As with most cultures, music is a universal language. So this past August, after hearing Everett say again how much he would love to have a Christian musician come down and do some evangelistic outreach concerts it FINALLY hit me – JOHN GUNDEN!!

I spent most of the late 80’s and early 90’s watching God use John and his music to reach out to teenagers and young adults all over the world. From Florida to Maryland to Romania to Namibia I’ve seen lives changed forever because of the impact of John and his ministry. GO GOD!! And why it took me so long to connect John and Everett, I have no idea. BUT the fact that I get to be a part of this THRILLS me!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for John and Margaret as they get ready to make this trip. Pray as they arrange school and childcare schedules for while they’re gone.
  • Pray for Everett as he makes arrangements for us to meet with pastors and youth leaders.

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