Friday, January 16, 2009

37 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I asked that y’all to pray that I would remain worthy. This morning I realized, I will never, EVER be worthy. And I don’t mean that in a, “Nobody likes me; everybody hates me; I think I’ll go eat worms” sort of way. I mean, who of us are worthy? Christ died for me because I wasn’t worthy enough to get into heaven on my own merits, right? So please, I ask you to forgive me for asking you to pray for something that I’m not, and on my own never will be.

So hey - I go to Belize in 37 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday afternoon when I talked with John he gave me a rundown of what he wants us to accomplish while we are there: a pastors luncheon, visiting each venue, assessing what equipment we can get/rent there, checking out lodging for the band, meeting with youth leaders, checking out some local churches, and about 3 or 4 other things that made me think – will we have enough time??!!! (We will – the planner in me must freak for just a moment.)

Over the last few days I’ve been going through some old photographs to scan and put on Facebook and I found a bunch of ones from my 1st two trips down there. (DANG I WAS YOUNG!) Each picture I looked at brought such a HUGE smile to my face. Some of my fondest memories and sweetest times were spent with those teams, preparing to go, serving alongside of, and debriefing after we got back. I am excited about this chance to create new memories down there with John and the band.

  • Please pray for John that the Lord will multiply his time before we leave(he and Margaret will be gone a bit longer than me).
  • Continue to pray for Everett as he spends the last few days with a team from CIU.
  • Pray for me that I’ll get my ducks in a row.

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