Monday, January 26, 2009

28 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many years ago I heard a sermon by Joel Hunter on prayer. During that sermon Joel challenged us that when we had something that needed lots of prayer to take something, a song, a certain car, something, and every time we heard/saw that item we’d stop what we were doing and pray for that thing. Kind of like a string-around-your-finger-thing.

Shortly after that, I had a situation that needed some SERIOUS prayer. It was, or could have been, life changing (well I guess in hind sight, it was). Anyhow, I wanted to put Joel’s words into action so I decided that every time I saw or heard an airplane I would stop what I was doing and pray for that situation. Seems simple enough, right? WRONG!!


One particular night after I had committed to praying for this situation in this manner, I was watching a movie with my roommates. I had control of the remote. Thirty minutes into the movie and 10 pauses later, one of my roomies stole the remote from me (WHILE I WAS PRAYING!!) and told me to leave. WELL!! Could I help it that every 10 minutes a plane was landing?? (Honestly, after the first day, it was driving ME insane!!)

Anyhow, since that time I have continued to use that prayer tactic several times. Only now I’m more, shall we say “discerning,” in the item I choose. And since I’ve been asking all y’all to pray for this trip I thought I needed to step it up a notch and devote more prayer time myself to this trip (and my brother).

This past weekend I had an opportunity to spend a night at the beach house of some good friends. YEAH!! Sunday morning I went for a long walk on a COLD beach. I spent most of the time praying for my brother and for this trip. I also spent a good amount of time thinking about what I could pick to use as my “reminder” to pray. DUH – seashells!

So I now have 2 seashells, one on my desk at work and one on my bedside table. They aren’t perfect, because none of the people I’m praying for are perfect (including me). But they are my reminder of the amazing need of some special folks in my life.

Please continue to pray for my brother. He is in a “regular” room. They were planning on putting in a defibrillator implant, but he’s starting to retain major quantities of fluid so they’ve postponed it. He is on the heart/kidney transplant list.

Pray for John and Everett as they continue to make preparations for this trip. Pray also for Margaret (John’s wife) as she makes preparations to leave their kids for 10 days.

Pray for me that I will be faithful.

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