Sunday, January 18, 2009

35 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some folks have no idea where Belize is or even that there is a Belize. So here are some random facts about Belize.
  • Belize was the site of several Mayan city states until their decline at the end of the first millennium A.D. The British and Spanish disputed the region in the 17th and 18th centuries; it formally became the colony of British Honduras in 1854. Territorial disputes between the UK and Guatemala delayed the independence of Belize until 1981. Guatemala refused to recognize the new nation until 1992. Tourism has become the mainstay of the economy. Current concerns include an unsustainable foreign debt, high unemployment, growing involvement in the South American drug trade, growing urban crime, and increasing incidences of HIV/AIDS.
  • Formerly British Honduras, Belize was the last Central American country to gain its independence in 1981.
  • With the second largest barrier reef in the world and more than than half of its land as protected forests, Belize's main source of income is eco-tourism.
  • Most Belizeans would call themselves Christians, but in each different culture there are underlying superstitions or black magic. Pray that Spanish speakers, Caribbean Garifuna and Mayans would all have the chance to hear the truth about Jesus in a way that is culturally relevant.
  • Many new Christians fall away because there isn't enough follow-up to help people understand how to live out their faith.

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