Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Thursday 2-fer

HEY what happened yesterday?  Suddenly it was nearly 11 PM and I realized, "I HAVEN'T BEEN THANKFUL FOR ANYTHING TODAY!!!"  I mean I was insanely thankful for LOTS of stuff yesterday - like leftover YUMMY pizza and Jell-o Sugar free chocolate pudding and double coupons, but I didn't tell y'all that!!

And now it's today and I STILL haven't done anything of substance!  So here we go - my Thursday 2-fer!

I am GRATEFUL for clean water!!

Somewhere someone knows the statistic, but I think an incredible amount of people (884 million) live in this world without clean water.  Heck, even in Belize it's not completely safe to drink the water - even to brush your teeth!  This brings me to my second thing I'm grateful for - missionaries!

My sweet friend Angela, severs with Living Water, International, down in Pucallpa, Peru.  Living Water exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed drinking water, and to experience "living water" - the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So Angela (and up until a few months ago her WONDERFUL husband, Tommy) is down there helping people not only get clean drinking water BUT to experience TRUE, clean, living water. 

Sha Angela (and ALL my missionary friends) - I heart you AND I am grateful for you!!


  1. Something crazy must have been in the air yesterday....because I missed it too. How funny!!

  2. thanks again for connecting me with Angela! she sent Owen a great email describing what she does in Peru!