Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Tuesday 3-Fer

So I have just a few hours left to get this in for Tuesday.  I know, bad, right?  But if you know me in real life, you know how crazy the past few days have been.  It's a lame excuse, but it's what I got.  So, with that said, my Tuesday 3-fer are:

1. Organ donors
2. Insanely intelligent cardiac surgeons
3.  Prayer

Several months ago, I wrote here about my brother, David.  The quick update on him is that it was finally determined that he had a bum heart.  Bummer.  And that he needed a new one (and a kidney for that matter).  So after several trials and errors, on Sunday morning he got the long awaited phone call.  An unknown person in South Carolina (of all places) had died and had signed their organ donor card.  THANK YOU GOD!!  So my brother drove himself to the hospital where for the next 10 hours he went through the process of getting prepared for another major surgery - only this time he was getting a new heart.

At some point during the day, the lead cardiac surgeon on my brothers case decided that instead of starting the surgery at the moment the organs landed in Pittsburgh he was going to delay surgery until he could actually look at and inspect the heart (and kidney) himself.  THANK YOU GOD!!  My brother's chest has already been cracked open twice in the last 9 months - this surgery needs to be the last time and if this heart was not absolutely 100% perfect for him, he would be totally out of options. 

Turns out my brother has a big heart, because this heart was too small. So the surgery was canceled and the heart (and kidney) went on to another needy recipient.  (Turns out, this is semi-common - who knew?)

Meanwhile in Florence, SC, a group of amazing and wonderful friends were covering my brother (and me) with prayers and hugs and love.  THANK YOU GOD for the power of prayer, and the protection and comfort that it offered throughout the very long day.

Become an organ donor.  It's easy.

Thank a cardiac surgeon today (ok, let's just make that ALL doctors).

Pray for someone.

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  1. Wow Alice. I had no idea. You already know how I feel about cardiac surgeons and prayers because of Abigail....so I will be more than happy to pray for him.