Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gloves, Shoes and a Christmas Sweater

I am a list maker.

I’m not OCD about it or anything, it just helps keep me on task. Otherwise I wander around doing useless things or come home from the store with 10 boxes of cake mix and nothing to eat for dinner (hey –they were 10 for $10!!).

I always put little boxes in front of each item, but once they are completed I cross them off with a vengeance!

My list for this weekend included, “Clean closet.” Now I’m not the neatest person in the world, however, I’m not the messiest person either. But for the last few weeks my closet has driven me to the brink. And, for the last week I’ve just avoided it all together.

That’s bad.

So this weekend I was going to tackle my closet. And initially when I thought about making that the topic of this post I was going to just talk about my silly list making and my messy closet and for some inane reason I thought anyone who reads this would be interested in seeing my closet. So I grabbed my camera, took some stuff out so it didn’t look TOO messy and snapped a picture.

Really bad, isn’t it?

There are the winter gloves that have been in that very spot for just over 2 months.

The pile of stuff that was to go to Belize in June, which I just don’t have the emotional energy to do anything with… sigh…

A Christmas sweater that should be put someplace else.

And the shoes – I literally had to walk past the rack they go on in order leave them on the spot they are now.

My mom would be so disappointed.

Ok, but did anyone catch what I said? I “took some stuff out so it didn’t look TOO messy.”

Over the last few days I’ve had folks comment to me about my blog (cracks me up that folks read it) about how open, honest and vulnerable I am in it. But the truth is I clean out the closet of my life, too, before I toss it out in the world for all to see (all 3 of ya).

Because if y’all really knew what was in there… well I don’t even want to begin to think what y'all would do or think.

But I can’t hide what’s in my closet from God. He knows about every pair of gloves, every shoe, and every Christmas sweater. He even knows about the pile of stuff to go to Belize, and how even as I type this I’m crying, and how I still am having a hard time putting that pile away

I can’t hide anything from God. And as much as I’d like to and as often as I try, I know it’s best for me if I don’t. God loves me in spite of the messiness that’s in my closet. He loves me regardless of how many pairs of gloves are left on the floor. He especially loves me as I deal with that Belize pile.

Storyville and Northland await my friends. I pray you have a worshipful day.

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