Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello, I'm a Mac.

The other night my friend Lisa and I were talking online about whatever it is that single adult woman talk about when they don’t have a single adult man in their lives. We were on Facebook (and who isn’t these days) and I realized that our friend, Tommy Head, was online.

Now most of you out there are saying, “woo” but what many of you may not realize is that Tommy Head died nearly a month ago. So THead being online was… well… creepy.

Really creepy.

And although logic told me that it wasn’t REALLY THead (most likely it was his wife, Angela), this didn’t stop me from asking Lisa, “So, do you think they have wireless in heaven?”

From there, our conversation went kinda downhill.

And then we landed on, “So is God a Mac or a PC?” We both agreed that God would be a Mac – because God, after all, is the epitome of cool, hip and all that. The vision of God ruling the world, organizing prayer requests, playing the occasional game or 2, Googling stuff, all on His MacBook Pro (it would have to be a laptop because… well… God IS omnipresent!) is humorous and yes, a bit sacrilege. (And no, TECHNICALLY God would not need to Google ANYTHING because He already knows.)

Sorry all you die-hard PC’s out there. I feel your pain. But it’s true. The God of our Universe would be a Mac.


I’m a PC.

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