Friday, May 22, 2009

A Little Of This & A Little Of That

These are some of the cool things that I came upon or that happened this week. Totally random stuff. But kinda cool none-the-less.

I wrote a post earlier this week on a review I did on a book called, Mad Church Disease. The author, Anne Jackson, posted a comment on my blog! (Let me put this in perspective for y’all – to me, that’s like Kris Allen from American Idol calling everyone who voted for him and saying, “Thanks.”)

I read, what is possibly going to be my favorite new phrase, on a blog called, Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff, “He unpacked the thought further and said…” I LOVE THAT. Unpacking thoughts. HOW COOL! (I think my friend Jen Allcroft turned me on to that blog – THANK YOU JEN!!)

And I got the following in the mail. It was just junk mail and normally it wouldn’t even make it to the kitchen counter (the keeping place of all things mailed), but this piece… well it was priceless

Enough said.

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